Curanderas, Brujas y Hechizeras

My paintings have been created within the last few months in 2020 ,they are visual whimsical narratives such as “Yourba’s brew”, a hechicera calling for peace and healing; a “Mayan Curandera” praying on their native languagtzotzil and a third painting a “Xilomena” a corn fairy.
These 3 paintings depict divine women showing strength, wisdom and beauty, each one surrounded by shiny gold where in many cultures, gold is a symbol of power, divinity and immortality

  "Xilomena" Aztec goddess of agriculture, nourishment, abundance, deity of food, drink and female aspect. I want to bring awareness on sustainable agricultural practices and the end of  genetical modified crops, specially  corn, choclo, elote considered a sacred Indigenous sacred food plant.

"Yoruba's Brew" an understanding  of the  Trans-Atlantic African slave trade brought not only in the US but in Central and South America. An estimated 3 millions Afro-Latinos currently living here. "Yoruba's brew, a healer brining peace, pride and joy

Jarritos Collection

A visual analogy , between races and flavors  with a twist of Mexican Pop Culture.

Acrylic on canvas

Acrylic on canvas

#Tropical Jungle
Acrylic on canvas

#African Savana
Acrylic on Canva

Poster  Commision
5 de Mayo 

Love in the time of Covid-19 

Nurse, essential worker

"Nurses for Seattle"
Mixed Media. Original artwork
May 2019

#quarantine, illustration, transformative feelings

"Wake me up when is over"
Mixed Media. Original artwork
March 2019

self care, bubble bath, illustration, artwork

" #Me time"
 Mixed Media. Original Artwork
April 2019

Sea Life Mixed-Media

"Tahlequa Whale"
Mixed Media 

"Juneau Road Guide"
Mixed Media   

"Be Brave, take risks"
Wood Panel, Mixed media 2018

"Ninfa in South Park
Mixed media