Glass Mosaics

A delightful project , working with more durable materials. A class that I took two decades during  Escuela de Artesanias INBA in Mexico city. In partnership with Beacon Business Alliance and  Office of Economic Development. Summer 2023


Through my artistic platform, I bring awareness of water conservation and preservation,  I had the  opportunity to collaborate with wonderful organizations  Duwamish River Coalition facilitation youth murals and leading environmental classes with Nature Consortium.

Seattle Office and Culture. Fremont 2023

Here is my most recent  poster commission for Washington Immigrant Solidary Network. I couldn't be more honored to work with my Latino Community, our farmers have been a strong muscle in the U.S economy for decades.
February 2021

Booklet Front Cover Workers Rights
January 2020
UFCW 21 is the largest private-sector union in Washington with over 46,000 members working in grocery store retail health care and other industry jobs. UFCW 21 is a chartered member of UFCW International with over 1.4 million workers in North America.

City of Burien Public Art Program
Utility Box "Burien Us"

#SeattleTogether Covid-19 Poster Campaign

In response to the Artist Community in Seattle during the 1st week of #quarantine, the Seattle Office and Culture, commissioned 10 BIPOC (black, indigenous, people of color) to create illustrations that reflect #Seattle Together

I was allocated to create images within my neighborhood area, they give me South Park & Georgetown. This illustration reflects one of kind summer event 'Dead baby bike'.

The yard campaign #seattletogether, quickly gain attention, so the City partner with DOT and Public Transit to use some of the artists image, only 6 out 90 images where use to go outside of the Metro buses, mine was among one of them. Dreams come true!!

Calendario Familiar 2020

I was asked to create an illustration based on a 'dicho' or saying  Qué fue lo que se interpuso en el camino?  What was interposed in your journey?
An answer to that: language barriers, lack of resources, fear, lack of self esteem. In my early 20's I was in a toxic relationship and it took me years to overcome and exit that pattern, as it shown in the illustration.
The project task,  to create a family calendar  to engage healthy relationships in WA. based on inspirational quotes or affirmations in Spanish created by professional Latina Artists in Seattle. Not only I get to collaborate with local artists but also through our art we spread the message of Self love and care. This calendar was sponsor by WA. State Coalition Against Domestic Violence. 

Somali Books

Seattle has the second largest Somali population in the country and many of the children attending  Seattle Public Schools dont have Somali language early education books.

 From2016-2019, I facilitated illustration workshops for Somali families to create their own books.
This project was entire led by them in terms of context and needs for their community

A partnership with Seattle Public Schools, Seattle Public Library, Seattle Housing Authority and Somali Task Force. The Somali Day is celebrate every year in Seattle.

From 2017-2019 Students of Cedar Elementary School,  Edmonds Arts Commission and Lynwood Parks and Recreation combined efforts to display permanent Public Art made by youth.  where 5th and 6th graders  created pieces of artwork during an Art Residency. The final pieces are display in vinyl wraps around utility boxes

During a 6 week Arts in Residency, students from 5th and 6th grade explored different mediums to create a number of illustrations.
The result, a collage of students artwork depicting Spring Nature: bugs, flowers, trees, etc. 

In 2019, we draw traditional Mexican  bottle soda pop, and that became the collage for a third utility box. The illustration later on became a personal inspiration to create my own 'Jarrito' paintings.

Lynwood Mayor and Arts Commissioners at the reception of the permanent utility box located on 196th  & Scriber Lk Rd 

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