#Awaken Minds 

Summer 2019. I had the opportunity to facilitate  a group of teens create a mural. They were part of a process from visiting SoDO Track, talking to different mural artists, concept designing and beautifying their neighborhood. I partner with Urban Artworks and Seattle Neighborhood 

Emerson Elementary School Youth 

This project is such a special challenge one, I had 3-5th graders participating in very short sessions of 45 minutes for 6 weeks between January and March 2019, unfortunately  Covid hit, then  the StayHome order was put in place, as of today Feb 14th 2021 ,the students  have not been able to see the final panels hanging. Sometime during the summer time, I was able to go to the school while the principal was there  and touched up some of the lines, but I have not been able to see it mounted on the wall, hopefully soon and I will post more pictures.